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Joint Efforts Final Conference Report now available

The report of the Conference on “New Forms of European Partnership and Cooperation in Combating and Preventing Trafficking in Human Beings” is now available here. This event was organised within the framework provided by the European Commission's Directorate General Home Affairs ISEC Programme on Prevention of and Fight against Crime,  and highlighted the main features of the current debate taking place between policy makersmedical practitionerslaw enforcementborder guards and judicial officialscivil society and academia. This event reflected upon the results of two years long efforts in building new forms of  multidisciplinary partnerships and strategies aiming at the protection of victims of trafficking as well as introducing innovative tools for sustainable cooperation between the medical field and law enforcement. In this way the conference provided a valuable input to the implementation of the 2012 EU Strategy Towards the Eradication of Trafficking in Human Beings. 

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