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First Steering Committee Meeting

15 December 2011


The participants involved themselves in a thorough and lengthy discussion on the tasks and steps they will and can undertake to assist the successful implementation of this project.

The participants have noted that this project is an innovative undertaking tackling new policies, scaling up implementation and prevention strategies, practises and approaches on the European level aiming at law enforcement and health/medical care. Subsequently, all distinguished members of the steering committee have made comments on their mandates and tasks within the entities they are representing and postulated support action for the project implementation.

It has been agreed to go along with the implementation plan drafted and presented by the project management. The following tasks and steps have been decided to be undertaken by the individual members of the steering committee:

The Budapest Kick off conference will be organised by PAYOKE in close cooperation with the members of the steering committee and the concerned governments and institutions. The preliminary date set for this event in Budapest 27 & 28 of February 2012. The number of participants is estimated around 150, well representing the authorities and entities from the countries the steering committee members are representing. Concretely, it is expected that each member of the steering committee helps to make certain a representation of at least 10 persons from their country (policy makers, researchers, NGOs, regional networks etc.) in order to ensure that the governments, civil society, academic community and health organisations are involved in every aspect of project implementation. In this way the project will be able to fulfil the criteria set by the European Commission that include the participation of all relevant stakeholders ensuring that the respect for the principles of human rights are met.

As discussed during the meeting, individual members of the steering committee will assist the  University of Pécs when compiling the questionnaires, distributing them to the relevant stakeholders, evaluating the results and presenting them during the kick off conference jointly with PAYOKE . The University of Pécs will be responsible for the logistic and administrative tasks related to the Conference and it will also undertake a study of the already existing material relevant to this project and disseminate it to the members of the steering committee by the end of January 2012.

In order to start this project on the appropriate level, the members of the steering committee have agreed to provide the project management with a list of networks and institutions which should be contacted in matters of expertise, events and policy issues. As regarding the kick of conference 27 and 28 February 2012, it was agreed that list of potential invitees from each steering committee members will be provided to the project management as soon as possible.

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