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Training Implementation Course, Chisinau

12 June 2013

In the framework of this project, the aim of the Pilot Training Courses is to share knowledge, exchange experience and to strengthen the health aspect of victims' protection, thus enabling the law enforcement and judiciary to get a valuable testimony on traffickers. In addition to facilitate  clear testimonies, the involvement of the health and medical sector will improve identification of the victims and the perpetrators, as well as advance the investigation, intelligence exchange and prosecution in general. The Training will also focus on the development of skills and best practises of police, border guards, health practitioners and NGOs  for the better health protection of trafficked victims during the investigation procedures.

During the course of this event participants have the opportunity to meet and engage in lively debates with other practitioners in this field, learn from the best instructors and specialists from all over Europe, develop their skills in an interactive manner and most importantly, build a network with prominent practitioners. 

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